Wednesday, April 19, 2006


while i was holding my breath for forty days, fred_call and i dialogued a bit via email... on one particular day, we were talking about science and the strange things that people do, all the while justifying their actions in the name of progress and the 'greater good for the greater number' thing. my view that science has replaced God for many, and that the people in our western world seem to struggle with accepting a pluralism that would afford attention to be given in different ways to both God and science- recognizing science as a means of understanding God's work more deeply rather than a means of somehow overcoming him (the whole either/or rather than both/and debate)- was probably important context for the views that went charging off of my keyboard into cyberspace. however, there was also some basic human stuff going on in my life- broken relationships leading to betrayal and the like that also fueled my comments. not being able to blog this stuff left me a bit lost, as writing is, for me, a means of bringing sense to the senseless in this life... call it idealistic whining or nagging optimism or something. that others occasionally read the ramblings is just a bonus... but it does also force me to keep my perspectives in check- ongoing accountability is a good thing!

anyway, thanks fred for those emails. likewise, thanks curious servant for your prayers, and marcy and cj for your words. finally, societyvs... we gotta hook up, man.

i was watching this show on the Holocau- i mean History channel one evening. with a motherlode of cadavers to choose from, doctor death was free to experiment away in the name of science, doing strange things like fusing people together surgically and the like. people just love to play God.

the atrocities committed in the name of science almost match those committed in the name of God... almost.

the key difference is probably to whom the justification takes place. with science, we justify our actions to colleagues, citing a higher purpose; with spirituality, we justify our actions to our victims, citing a higher promise.

point of reference and frame of mind are everything some days, but it seems to me that the one thing that humankind does better than anyone else on the planet is exploit.

well, we're certainly a cynical little believer today, aren't we?

this too, shall pass.



Blogger Internet Street Philosopher said...

Good to have you back online! The DI Nuevo board was deleted, but come here ASAP and join back up!

Blogger Scott said...

welcome back bignose

Blogger jollybeggar said...

hey bigus, i thought you were dead.


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