Wednesday, August 27, 2008

amazing... little gets published
once the quest for a new
thought begins...


OpenID societyvs said...

What's the meaning of this riddle? Is it just me - I don't get it.

Blogger jollybeggar said...

ha ha- just a mildly self-deprecatory observation...

ever since i was challenged to try to come up with something other than another spin on my usual groove, i haven't published a word here.

solomon, in all his wisdom, is credited for saying that
'there's nothing new under the sun...'
(ecclesiastes 1.9)

and yet john nash was able to pull this off to some degree in moments of brilliance that were only attainable when he was off of his medication.

perhaps i just need to drink less coffee.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Darryl,

It's Dave K here - what kind of new spin or different thoughts are you trying for?

Blogger jollybeggar said...

ha ha
well, it's kinda like this- if you read this blog back about ten posts or more, you begin to see some common themes repeated again and again. things like
a) it's good to ask questions
b) it's okay to not have all the answers
c) Christianity and church are not synonymous
etc etc etc

to further exacerbate the situation, it also became apparent that some of my friends who would post regularly would have basically the same responses to the same prompts... we were all doing laps of the same track.

so i just decided to stop posting on this blog until i had something else to say on it.

still waiting! ha ha
i just realized that we were doing laps of th


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