Thursday, June 23, 2005

the sweetness of the kiss

the poisonous venom
of disunity can be
passed from one
believer to the next
in the context
of a holy kiss

no matter how one
spits and rinses
the aftertaste remains
and the effects
of the venom are
still to some
degree felt
in one's very bones

(much less one's heart.)

the sweetness of the kiss is lost.


Blogger Sue said...

Is that what a holy kiss is supposed to look like! I've been missing out!

Blogger jollybeggar said...

yeah, i know.

i just like the moodiness of it, and the notion of venomous poison being passed from one person to another through a mutual exchange that is supposed to be a beautiful and sweet thing, but has been perverted (like pretty much everything) by hell works better as a deep kiss between two lovers than it does as some ceremonial kiss on either cheek between two monks... i mean, where would the venom go- in the other guy's ear or something?

thanks for bringing some warm laughter into the comments here... it's been a bit heavy lately.

Blogger Sue said...

de nada

Blogger dans_inferno said...

Bigbro’s Time Capsule For Future Finds

Dobbie sent me this:

Insane Things You Have to Believe to be a Member of the Religious Right:

1) Our sun is at the center of the universe.

17) Fossils have secretly been placed in the geological record in order
to give his followers the opportunity to test their faith.>>>>>>>

Bigbro says: How about them dinosaurs as fake time capsules?

Here’s what Bigbro wants to do: Bigbro wants to put together a time capsule for far distant civilizations to find. Because someone, if anyone is left, will want to know what our 21st century civilization was like before we just sort of vanished like Atlantis.

What am I talking about here? Someone in the 23rd or 24th century finding this time capsule I want to put together?

Someone in the 30th century finding this time capsule?

I really don’t know how many more centuries we can go along tripling our planet’s population every century before we just sort of all fall apart from too many people. I mean, Jesus Barking Christ, when the population hits 25 billion people a World War Three means nobody has to aim to kill a few thousand people. Just fire a missile in any fucking direction and your likely to kill as many people as were at Woodstock back in the good old Vietnam days when soldiers still had sights on their rifles.

Odds are with little old global warming all this stuff down here in Florida will be back underneath the ocean like it was during the dinosaur days. Which is why paleontologists don’t find T-Rex fossils anywhere close to Miami Beach. This whole state was at the bottom of the sea when T-Rex roamed. When Global Warming really hits, then this whole state will be back where it came from……..if there are any survivors they’ll be living in Yellow Submarines.

A note of trivia: Florida natives refer to beaches around here as Fossil Beach, if you can guess why (hint: it’s mostly really old Canadians and New Yorkers in bikinis with bodies they shouldn’t even show to their doctors).

But we native beach bums here in Florida aren’t fooled a single bit. We’ve known all along that there aren’t any T-Rex fossils to be found under Florida soil because there never were any T-Rex fossils. All the dinosaur fossils found anywhere are nothing but God’s version of snap-together toys left lying around on a really, really, really long stretch of seventh day resting.

Here’s a recent news item: Jun 2, 2005 3:58 pm US/Eastern
”WASHINGTON (AP) Scientists studying the mighty T. rex may have found a way to tell a she rex from a he rex. The dinosaurs knew the difference, of course. But scientists, with only fossilized bones to work from, have had little to go on as far as knowing which specimen was a male and which was a female.”

Poor damn fools. There isn’t any difference between he-Rex and she-Rex because the whole fossil deal is a fraud. God put together a time capsule to fool us. When I, a mere mortal, put together a time capsule I don’t want to try to be a tom-fooling God. I will put some kind of bones in that time capsule that were for real here during the 21st century.

What kind of bones go into my time capsule? Well, Kentucky Fried Chicken certainly has more than enough bones to spare for a time capsule. Though maybe a pile of fried chicken bones won’t paint a true portrait of 21st century life to a 30th century historian.

Then again, maybe fast food is all that the 21st century is really about. You know, in an existential way of getting down to brass tacks.

If not bones, then maybe I should put the Harry Potter books in my time capsule. After all, Harry Potter has made its author J.K. Rowling more wealthy and powerful than Queen Elizabeth. Harry Potter are the only books that will make kids turn off the computer for a while to read a real book. If that’s not power then I don’t know what is the ultimate zest for life in the 21st century.

Maybe Harry Potter books won’t do justice as an ersatz 21st century cave painting for 30th century college students to read about. Not all people of the 21st century think that Harry Potter is a decent book. Here are differing views on Harry Potter:

"Harry’s magic is of an entirely different nature from real-world witchcraft: 'Harry and his friends cast spells, read crystal balls, and turn themselves into animals—but they don't make contact with a supernatural world.' " Lindy Beam of Focus on the Family, quoting Chuck Colson, a popular Christian author.

"The books are set in surroundings involving sorcery and witchcraft. WE STRONGLY CONDEMN THESE WRITINGS AS THEY ARE FULL OF WITCHCRAFT AND SORCERY. The Bible is strong in its condemnation of these things." G.T. Armstrong

Books are really too problematic as a universal theme for a time capsule. Might as well grapple with bones some more. I mean, I could put ‘Silence of the Lambs’ in a time capsule or something and really get the controversy broiling over.

In the final analysis, do we people of the 21st century really give a crap what people of the 30th century will think of us? I mean, right now Americans don’t give a crap what the French think of us.

But I insist that I have personal integrity and that if I’m going to put together a seriously politically correct time capsule, I want the right kinds of bones laid in those hallowed hollow time capsule tomb vacuums.

Why not just put the entire King Tut collection in my time capsule and just let 30th century historians figure us out all for themselves………..bigbro aka fred call

Blogger jollybeggar said...

holy smokes, man... how is anybody supposed to know where to start with this?

okay, let me just say that you really should change the 'inferno' (which feels like a bit of a dead-end, yeah?) blog to something like " bigbro's 'it's all gonna burn, man! blog." or "the apocryphal book of fred- continued prophetic visions of the past, present and future" or whatever. then you could post these thoughts and my friends and i could all go there and tell you how the ideas that you've gathered together in one place affect our spin on the fabric of life the universe and everything.

here in my little blog the rumbling sound of coming storms seems a bit more apocalyptic than apostolic! LOL (honestly, i wish that i could figure out a way to insert emoticons into the comment bar... words can often be so bizarre without a face attached to them- i mean, i THINK that my tone is coming through the right way, but that's because i'm the one writing it and it is just the sound of my own thoughts. i go back later and read what i've punched out and wince because something that i was smirking about while typing just comes off as sanctimonious and arrogant- which is probably true, but wasn't meant to be TAKEN that way... so instead i insert little emotional shock absorbers like LOL and :-) and ;-) and :-0 and the like. oh cry me a river already!)

the shakeitupbaby blog had some interesting points- i laughed, i cried, i saved the link. what more can be said here? thx

so here we go:
1) how do the fossils of fossil beach test the faith of the faithful?

2) t-rex was okay, but apart from bang-a-gong what did marc bolan really do? nope, give me new york dolls or sweet any day...hey, we all know that bowie did it best, anyway.

3) she-rex versus he-rex? glam was all about androgeny anyway wasn't it?

(okay, the t-rex jokes are growing stale- i will not fall to temptation again!)

4) God's snap-together toys left behind from the 7th day? amazing image... bloody poetry and theology doing the lambada together! here's what i think, though: the 7th day was eden. it was that whole lamb and lion period where the earth was working just fine. day 8 began with the fall or humankind and continued on through flood and famine, empires and agriculture, technology and treachery, metallurgy and messianic prophecies right up to the birth of Christ. the 9th day started then- with the hope of redemption made possible through the death of one for all. one life one time for all for all time. we're still in day 9. day 10? colonization of other planets of course! LOL (you know what i really believe day 10 is.)

5) harry potter? i got a real kick out of the christians standing in line for lord of the rings throwing stones at people standing in line for the first harry potter film. i guess that jrr tolkien played for 'our team' so we can excuse his literary forays into sorcery, spiritual oppression, disembodied negative power, ghost armies living dead under an ancient curse, white and black magic, idolatry and voodoo- not to mention all that beer drinking and pot smoking that are staples in hobbit culture!

eventually we need to come to the place where we quit seeing everything in life as somehow threatening the sanctity of our little bubble. living on the defensive only reinforces otherness. yes, otherness appears to be something that God initially set up as he began his holy line with isaac and then gave some pretty strong guidance as to how this line was to be 'sanctified' (set apart for holy use). problem is, today those who have benefitted from God's plan of redemption often buy into only 50% of the sanctification plan... the 'setting apart' bit gets addressed, but the 'for holy use' gets ignored. it's like you have an army (sorry, bad analogy, as it is once again us or them, combative rhetoric) that spends its time polishing its armour and doing drills, but recognizes that real war is a threat to the existing practices of polishing armour and doing drills, so it never engages. kinda pointless.

in this analogy, who are the adversaries? NOT other people. other powers (ephesians 6 is a really great place to go with this whole holy war theme.)

christianity should be, in my view, an active process of emancipation and recruitment, not political posturing and shouting about how right the right is and how wrong everyone else is. i believe that God, being the only completely holy and perfect being in the entire cosmos, is the only one who can shout at anyone about how far from holiness they really are. and yet he doesn't choose to go that route either...

God invites people to love each other into redemption, emancipation, and service. the setting apart bit is the grounding of that love.

wow, where did the time go?

Blogger dans_inferno said...

okay, let me just say that you really should change the 'inferno' (which feels like a bit of a dead-end, yeah?) blog to something like " bigbro's 'it's all gonna burn, man! blog." or "the apocryphal book of fred- continued prophetic visions of the past, present and future" or whatever. then you could post these thoughts and my friends and i could all go there and tell you how the ideas that you've gathered together in one place affect our spin on the fabric of life the universe and everything...............

Okay, you got a deal if you and your friends are serious. I'll put together a blog called Bigbro's Apocrypha or something along those lines.

I'll throw out thoughts or tidbits if you guys and gals think you want to take part in the melee.

I'll call it 'Bigbro's Open Door Apocrypha' if you think there is enough interest to generate open discussion and debate and what not. A blog for those who want to get their two cents in on the End Time psychology or whatever.

Or as you said, prophetic visions of the past and present and future.

You let me know if you are serious, if so, I'll open up the blog and let the Gladitor Games begin............bigbro

Blogger dans_inferno said...

You commented on who is reading what in cyber space. Go to NPR on google and listen to this interview from today. There was a contest for people to create a web site that generated the most hits in the shortest amount of time. This guy got fifteen million hits in three weeks for his site......Oh, he came in second place to some guy that put together a web site that offered women's underwear with Global Positioning chips sewed into them.

That's what people are reading in cyber space........bigbro

Digital Culture
Slate's Webhead:

More at
Read Engber's Article 'Crying, While Eating'

Day to Day, June 27, 2005 · Madeleine Brand talks with Slate contributor Daniel Engber about his hit Web site, The site has generated some 15 million "hits," or visits, since it was launched last month as part of a contest.

Blogger dans_inferno said...

And when people are not visiting popular web sites they are visiting every Starbucks Coffee Shop in the world, like this guy has done. Heard him on NPR today. Sometimes he has anywhere from 15 to 20 cups of coffee a day trying to keep up with the record of having been in every Starbucks in the world, being that Starbucks is opening shops faster than most people can drink coffee in a day........bigbro

Starbucks Everywhere

"The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural."

DISCLAIMER: This web site is not affiliated with Starbucks Corporation. You can view the official Starbucks site at

Updated June 18, 2005

4687 North American stores visited
213 international stores visited (Montreal, UK, Japan, Paris, Madrid)
Recent Photos
Full Catalog

Hello, my name is Winter, and since 1997 I've been trying to visit every Starbucks in the world. Why? Well, I'm not obsessed, if that's what you're thinking, though I do consider myself something of an obsessed maniac enthusiast. No, my reason is simply to do something completely different. Strange though my goal might be, it is not nearly as painful as this guy's effort at being different.

What do I look like? This is me after a few days sleeping in my car on a typical road trip. Okay, here's a better photo . And here's a gallery of wacky photos. And here's some more info about me.

YO, MEDIA PEEPS!!! Radio, television, newspaper, magazines, etc. My name is Winter. Only Winter. Anything else you might have read is simply untrue, a product of inaccurate and lazy reporting.

Feel free to contact me with questions, comments, or information about Starbucks I've missed in the United States (excluding Hawaii) or Canada (excluding Quebec). If you know of a store I've missed, please check to see if it is a licensed store. I only visit stores operated by Starbucks, not ones that are licensed out to other companies. Additionally, while I do plan to visit stores everywhere in the world, I do not track international stores (including, for technical reasons, Hawaii and Quebec) until I actually I actually travel to those countries. My e-mail address is

The Overnightscape (#206)

Other media appearances. Other appearances on the web. Links to cool sites.

Blogger dans_inferno said...

So, if you want to get into an Apocrhpal mood, no problem. I'll open a blog that all you guys and girls can click into and add your thoughts.

It can have a communal password that you can trade along to those people you want to get involved.

No problem.

Let me know and I'll open the blog and send you the password via email..........bigbro

Blogger dans_inferno said...

God invites people to love each other into redemption, emancipation, and service. the setting apart bit is the grounding of that love.

wow, where did the time go? .......

The time went closer to Revelations and what is love and redemption in Saskatchewan is a world apart from what love and redemption is in this part of the globe.

Like I said, with a half way decent deer rifle and you can hold the bastards off better up there than I can down here..........bigbro

Blogger dans_inferno said...

Consider this format for a blog:

Bigbro’s Apocryphal Time Capsule:

Since George Orwell created Big Brother shortly after the end of World War Two, the biggest of all siblings has witnessed generations of Apocryphal prophecy fulfilled through the last half of the century and on into the 21st century.

In the new millennium, the current Bigbro is putting together an Apocryphal Time Capsule for far future generations.

Bigbro has enlisted the aid of ersatz and amateur archaeologists, paleontologists, theologists, philosophers and disbarred members of the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle gang. All with the designed goal of filling up Bigbro’s Apocryphal Time Capsule.

Somewhere eons down the road someone may accidentally stumble across and open this 21st Century Time Capsule.

It’s incumbent upon us to give far future archaeologists a decent look at what and who we were way back when.

The first installment into Bigbro’s Apocryphal Time Capsule is none other than a copy of Orwell’s ‘1984.’

From here it’s anyone’s offering to the far future picture of who we were, when we were.

Let the Gladiator Games begin…………bigbro

About the Author
Part 1
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Part 2
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Part 3
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6

Blogger Sue said...

I see things got all intense and heavy again! :)

Blogger jollybeggar said...

yeah, i thought that you might enjoy the apocryphal fred blog idea.

honestly, though, my big problem with 'endtimes' thinking is (predictably) the relegation of the symbols in apocalyptic literature to simple world happenings today...(you know: 'locusts with breastplates of iron= helicopters' and all that?) every generation has felt that they were living in the last days and that revelation was written about them. let's get over ourselves: revelation was written about God. it is, among other things, a book of worship songs with context.

instead of reading about prayers being placed in incense bowls and being cast across the ocean, creating earthquakes at sea and tsunamis and interpreting these things as predictions ie: 'okay the incense bowl is an atomic bomb and the prayers say that america- in God they trust- will launch it' why can't we just say "wow- a lot happens when we pray... the earth moves"

on an entirely different note, my little dog's name is fredd. cosmic, dude!

Blogger dans_inferno said...

sushi said...
I see things got all intense and heavy again! :)

Sushi, I didn't know you were from South Florida. Wait a minute. All Canadians are eventually from South Florida. Yeah, that intense heavy stuff gets in the way of sunblock and Danielle Steele books.

But here's a philosophical insight into the possible sentience of a mushroom...while these guys are cooking Morel Mushrooms one of them talks about the ancient cosmic consciousness....oh, damn...there I go again getting heavy.....bigbro

Stalking the Wild Morel on the Yellowstone River
Day to Day, June 28, 2005 •

Writer Scott Carrier takes us on a road trip to the Yellowstone River, where he enjoys a meal of freshly picked wild morel mushrooms with a friend.


jollybeggar said...

instead of reading about prayers being placed in incense bowls and being cast across the ocean,
Shamanic Healing - Long Distance
Time and Space In Shamanic Practice
Time in space are relative in the Shamanic belief. Those who practice shamanic techniques regularly find that many things can be accomplished in a short period of time. And people often return from their journeys with surprise at how "it seemed like I was gone longer then that" or "I didn't think I had been gone that long."
Time and space are also considered relative in science. (Meaning not set in stone but flexible and changeable. Lets say compressible.) But we don't want to go into Quantum Physics here... So we'll sum it up that the shamanic journeyer can take advantage of these principles of science because in the journey you aren't bound to the rules of matter/the physical form but can instead follow the rules of energy.
When on a journey great "distances" can be crossed quickly. Time can expand or contract, so that you can accomplish what is needed in the time available, and the shaman can go to where he or she is needed.

Bigbro says: And a moment of Fundamentalist levity to soften the mood:

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: It was God's will.

Q: Why did the turkey cross the road?
A: That was also God's will.

Q: Why did the heretic cross the road?
A: To do something sinful on the other side.

Q: Why did the heretic get run over by an ox-cart (or pick-up truck) while he was crossing the road?
A: Because he was sinful and he deserved it.

Q: Why did the true believer get run over by an ox-cart (or pick-up truck) while he was crossing the road?

A: Because our godless enemies wish to destroy us and everything we stand for and therefore we must destroy them first.


Blogger dans_inferno said...

"Accidents are caused by skid marks."

Welcome to the town of Allopath
Welcome to the town of Allopath There once was a town called Allopath. It had
Posted - Mon Jun 27, 2005 7:04 pm dar
Send Email

Blogger marcythewhore said...

Hey, BigBro dig dis:

Very puzzling that Brother William would have been kicked out unless
he started his e-business without getting the permission of the abbot

IBM has been trying to increase market share by recruiting to
more obscure markets for Internet access. They've even attempted to
get the monasteries connected to the Internet.

At one small monastery in France, the monsignor, Father Jean-Paul, was not interested in getting access to the Internet, but one monk, Brother William, tried to persuade him.

As an additional incentive, IBM even offered to give them free access for one year. The Father finally agreed but only under strict conditions that the monk would only use the Internet for Biblical research.

Brother William started using the Internet and became amazed at the amount of information available. He downloaded texts of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Biblical commentaries, and talked with people who studied the ancient Greek and Hebrew languages. Father Jean-Paul was impressed with the research done and the amount of information available, but continued to warn Brother William about the temptations of the Internet.

Well, Brother William continued his research, and soon he became
a bit of an authority himself on Biblical matters. Soon, people were
e-mailing him for information on the Bible and spiritual matters.

He would answer their questions and even set up his own "Dear
Monk" web site. He even started sending out weekly heartwarming stories about how God was working in people's lives. Eventually he noticed that
many people kept asking the same questions over and over, so he created a little booklet of frequently asked questions about God.

But now Brother William had a dilemma. He knew that according to human nature, people value information more if they have to pay for it,but he had taken a vow of poverty and did not want any money.

So, he decided to set up charity fund for widows and orphans, and all proceeds from his booklets would go to charity.

So Brother William setup an Internet business where people would order one of his booklets, and he would send it to them after they sent a small amount of money to the charity fund.

When Father Jean-Paul discovered what Brother William had done, he discharged him immediately from the monastery. For it seems that the Father did not like his monk e-business.

(By Walter Ries)

Blogger Shawn said...

End times?
throw away your watch.
stop watch?
watch stopped.
got the time?
no time...
time ended.
the end

Blogger dans_inferno said...

And to think it all started with something that was more primitive than a sun dial.....bigbro

Blogger dans_inferno said...

How long is eternity? A theoretical question:

"If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create
the universe."
- Carl Sagan

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."
- Albert Einstein

"God is a metaphor for that which trancends all levels of intellectual
thought. It's as simple as that". Joseph Campbell

I have realized that the past and future are real illusions, that they
exist in the present, which is what there is and all there is. No valid
plans for the future can be made by those who have no capacity for
living now.....Alan W. Watts

The pendulum of the mind alternates between sense and nonsense, not between right and wrong. Carl Gustav Jung

How long is eternity...a theoretical question?

We are accustomed to the theoretical notion that eternity is a long string that never ends. In other words, eternity stretches out forever in time.

Which is a decent enough explanation of eternity in terms of linear, classical physics...and how the preacher from the pulpit describes eternity.

When we delve into non-classical, non-linear physics, the stuff of quantum physics, we find ourselves asking not only how long a stretch of time eternity is, but how short a stretch of time eternity might turn out.

Physicist Stephen Hawkings describes the time's arrow of the 'real' universe as neither going forward or back, but rather that the 'real' universe is a holographic like map many realities.

Still, we live on a planet where we are treated to an annual trip around the sun, in 24 hour intervals, our perception of time is a linear equation, it looks pretty much straight ahead. The natural thought about eternity is that it is forever, straight ahead. The preachers at the pulpit have an easier time of it defining eternity to the congregation in this linear term. To do otherwise might endanger the prospect of empty pews at the next week's sermon.

Albert Einstein helped us define time in terms of light years, that unimaginably enormous amount of time it takes light to travel from one star to another star, endlessly seeming. While at the same time Einstein explained to us his theories on Relativity, Einstein likewise forewarned the coming of explanations unimaginably small.

The essences of quantums that Max Planck spoke of so resolutely.

Classical, linear physics met non-classical non-linear physics in the string between Relativity and Quantum Mechanics.

And String Theory bridges the two enormous thoughts, one enormously large and cosmic, the other enormously small and subatomic.

Not only has our subatomic realm come to express the length of time,, our subatomic world has come to express the shortness of time as well.

The internal time of the atom is so short that it is the opposite of long.

Until eternity can be described as indescribably forever, while at the same it can be described as indescribably non-existent....if not its opposite.

One thousand trillionth of a second is to a second what a second is to the 15 billion years of the existence of the universe.

"Every religion is true one way or another. It is true when understood metaphorically. But when it gets stuck in its own metaphors, interpreting them as facts, then you are in trouble."......
..........Joseph Campbell Forum Index -> Consciousness, Quantum Hologram, Remote Viewing

An overview of what evolutionary consciousness came down to
[ Goto page: 1 ... 9, 10, 11 ] 158 fred call 8164 Thu Jun 30, 2005 9:28 am
fred call

Can our consciousness create events?
[ Goto page: 1, 2, 3 ] 40 ajulius 1090 Tue Jun 28, 2005 3:25 pm
fred call

Psychotronic/Psychic Warfare of the Future
[ Goto page: 1, 2 ] 15 fred call 368 Wed Jun 29, 2005 11:39 am
fred call

Blogger dans_inferno said...

If anyone wants to chime in on this discussion.........

....have at it my friends..........bigbro

KumailMohamed wrote

Thu Jun 30, 2005 4:33 pm Post subject: Islamic Views

Forum Members,

I am of Islamic faith but when asked certain questions by my friends I find it difficult to answer so could someone please answer a few questions for me?

1) What does Islam do for women? (My friend brings up the point about hijab and how its 'cruel' in hot weather and why men don't have it, why women aren't allowed to drive, women treated as inferiors to men [they word in court is not worth as much as a man's]).

2) Islam's regimented life. By this I mean that people say we have strict guidelines and have no room to maneuver or have any freedom. We are governed by an unchangeable and unquestionable set of rules. Please comment on this.

3) Islam's view on music. Why it is considered haraam. Alchohol and why it is considered haraam even when it has benefits for us (my friend said this).

Thank You
Kumail Mohamed
"The destruction of man lies in three (things): his stomach, his lusts, and his tongue."
"Among all things, the tongue deserves to be prisoned longer than anything else."

fred call wrote:

Posted: Thu Jun 30, 2005 6:40 pm Post subject: Heaven and Hell and all that

In peace, Kumail Mohamed, might I chime in.

I'm not Hindu but I've been studying Zen philosophy for a long time. Well, that depends on what you call a long time. Geological time is a lot longer than a lifetime.

Studying Zen Buddhism is a bit of a contradiction in itself since the more one studies a subject with their sensory proportions, the further one gets from the so-called 'Truth'.

There's a saying in Buddhism that (and I paraphrase) once you leave the birth canal you get further and further from 'Reality' or 'Truth' as you become more engrained in the sensory world.

Parallel that to the Big Bang theory where light is thrown to the four corners of the expanding universe and the further you get from the 'Truth' of the origin of the universe that began with the Big Bang (if the Big Bang theory is your personal belief in the beginning of the universe).

I'm Italian-American with a fairly decent understanding of Catholicism. Christianity was a better idea when it first began than what it has become after being severly edited by a long succesion of greedy Popes. But let's not get started on politics just yet.

Zen Buddhism just makes more sense to me because (okay, this is paradocial) Zen Buddhism makes no sense at all.

Heaven and Hell are the inventions of the Popes and others who were in need of a way to keep control over Medieval Europe and the kings empowered with the Divine Right of Kings (sounds political, but religion is rather political).

Dante had a lot to say about the invention of Heaven and Hell, just as Milton had a lot to say about the invention of the debate between Free Will and Predeterminism.

Paul the Apostle saw a blinding white light and was knocked off his mule. Mohammed envisioned crossing the length and breadth of Persia in the time it took to empty an urn of its contents. Very likely Paul the Apostle and Mohammed were the beneficiaries of a Temporal Lobe experience. Something that Dostoevsky wrote extensively about.

For all that matter, Buddha may have been the recipient of a Temporal Lobe experience when Siddartha came to enlightenment while sitting under the Bao Tree.

If I've offended you with such a presentation of Mohammed, dont' be offended. There's all kinds of centers in the brain dedicated to 'Understanding God.' If God created the human brain, then it can be argued that God created the Temporal Lobe so that human beings could better connect with God.

The guy who blows himself up in Iraq and the guy who dies quietly of old age in a church, heaven and hell doesn't exist for either one of them. Both 'Souls' or 'Animas' or whatever you want to call the life force, their subject to the same laws of physics that energy basically doesn't die, it changes shape and so forth.

Laws of physics are based on numbers. Numbers are another form of language. The centers of the brain that recognize numbers or letters in an alphabet are pretty much the same. It's all human communication.

But I'll give you this much, my friend.

If you firmly and truly believe in Heaven and Hell, and if you believe that you are going to one or the other, then that's what will happen to this lifetime. While you are still breathing.

It is your power of altering your reality, as much as you learn to empower yourself with altering your reality.

Which means that if you truly believe that Mohammed went up to the mountain and had a good conversation with God, then that's what Mohammed did in your lifetime and your reality.

And basically you have to be respected for your beliefs and your power to create a reality of Heaven or Hell.

Wherever we go when this breathing stops, let's hope we go somewhere where it's happy.

Though happiness won't exist. Neither will sadness.

What it comes down to is this.....Religious Wars are a sure way to end our civilizations.

Overpopulation of this planet will lead to more Religious Wars.

The Wars in the Holy Lands are the longest running wars in humanity's ten thousand or so years of recent history. The Hundred Years War lasted a hundred and fifty years. But the Wars for the Holy Lands have been going on for 1500 years.

The Wars for the Holy Lands began when Rome divided into two powers, one in Constantinople. The Wars for the Holy Lands went on for a century and a half through something like 12 crusades. The Wars for the Holy Lands reached a zenith during the First World War when the deserts were called the Ottoman Empire. The Second World War continued the War for the Holy Lands and its oil. The Wars for the Holy Lands.

World War Three will be the end result of the War for the Holy Lands.

Okay, what's your question?..........fred call

Blogger jollybeggar said...

you know what? the fertile flood plain between the tigris and euphrates rivers is the most fought over and died upon tract of land on the planet.

many hold that this was the geographical location of the garden of eden.

still trying to get back to woodstock.

'peace on earth' was all it said

go ahead and kill your neighbour
go ahead and cheat a friend
do it in the name of heaven
you can justify it in the end
there won't be any trumpets blowing
come the judgement day
on the bloody morning after
one tin soldier rides away

ahh,where would we be without early 70's A.M. radio apocalyptic imagery?

Blogger dans_inferno said...

JollyBoy said: you know what? the fertile flood plain between the tigris and euphrates rivers is the most fought over and died upon tract of land on the planet. many hold that this was the geographical location of the garden of eden.............


Scene 1: Sunrise, gray sky to orange sky—white disk of the sun. Establishing shots of the Iraqi desert, temples, archeological site. Tracking shots of various pits, emphasis of character movement (frantic digging). messenger boy running to find old man (professor).

Scene 2: Professor walks slowly toward one of the pits seen earlier. An Iraqi professor greets him. Emphasis on point of view (pov) shots. Old man’s encounter with the demon. Eerie music punctuates the encounter.

Scene 3: Transitional shot of the hot noonday sun. Outdoor café. Noisy scene—parallels noise and movement at the archeological dig. Sounds of distant pounding of metal can be heard. Old man is frail, alone amid crowd in an alien world. Emphasis on his pov of his surroundings, including a man helping a blind man walk down the street. Ends with encounter between server and the old man—emphasis on the old man’s reaction.

Scene 4: Transitional insert CU of hot flames in a furnace. Cut to three men pounding steel in the forge. Cut to pov shot of the old man who observes them from a distance. This leads to pov /reaction shot encounter between old man and the one-eyed worker. Pounding of hammers continues.

Scene 5: Suddenly quiet—only sound is the ticking of a clock on the wall of the Iraqi professor’s office. Note editing rhythms at work here. Three insert CU’s of objects of antiquity set the scene. Second encounter between old man and the demon (after he handles the medallion with Holy Child and father. Clock stops—(the devil’s work.) “There is something I must do.” The old man knows the battle is joined. Old man saws good-bye to the Iraqi professor and walks past Muslims at prayer.

Scene 6: Change to another noisy scene. Old man walks through a crowded tunnel-like bazaar, first walking toward the camera, then turning and walking away from the camera. All this in one shot. Old man’s outward journey parallels his inward journey.

Scene 7: Cut to another quiet scene. Now the old man is on the quiet streets surrounded with houses. Quiet, but foreboding, suspicious. As he continues walking, we can hear increasing sound off-screen. He turns a corner, and he is almost run down by a carriage. Another encounter with evil?

Scene 8: Cut to another quiet scene. He arrives at the archeological site. A momentary diversion when guards challenge him, then yield when they recognize him. He continues his journey. Two cuts to ancient sculptures. Then a wide shot showing the small old man among the vast landscape. He continues his progress toward a specific statue—there the old man has his final encounter with the devil. Two dissolves lead to townhouse in Georgetown, Washington, D.C., and the location of the devil—waiting to possess a small child.

Notes written by Robert Yahnke
Copyright, Robert E. Yahnke, © 2001
Professor, General College, Univ. of Minnesota,
Reprinted by permission of the author for educational use only

Blogger dans_inferno said...

The demon in the opening sequence of the Exorcist was Pazuzu. And I just like saying Pazuzu, just like I like saying Zabulon:

Zabulon - (Unk) Demon who possessed one of the nuns at Loudun.

Hey, that's not history, that's the Old Testament! And they didn't have vacuum cleaners then! And Daniel and the Chan Clan didn't keep Babylon from slamming into a brick wall, since it fell over 2500 years ago -- numerous times.

They were stripped of everything that was sacred to them. They were tempted more sorely than a 15 year old Baptist boy at a Beyonce concert, and they were force fed an anti-theistic culture.

Religion is about paradox: 1:3
Isachar, Zabulon, Ben Jamin

1:1 These are the names of the children of Israel, which came to Egypt with Jacob, every man with his household:
Ruben, Simeon, Levi, Juda,
Isachar, Zabulon, Ben Jamin,
Dan, Nephtali, Gad and Aser.
All the souls that came out of the loins of Jacob, were seventy, and Joseph was in Egypt already.

They began exorcising the nuns. Two of the demons namely responsible for these possessions were Asmodeus and Zabulon although there were others.

In 1634, a respected priest, Father UrbainGrandier was suddenly accused of the crime of sorcery, evil spells, and the possession visited upon some Ursuline nuns of the town of Loudun in France.

Father Grandier was a tall, handsome and seductive man and many nuns were secretly enamored with him. Accusations against Father Grandier began with Mother Superior Jeanne des Anges who reported having illicit and demonic dreams featuring Grandier. The other nuns followed suit, succumbing to the hysteria of of the Mother Superior's dreams and delivering their own version. Grandier's principal accusers were the Ursuline nuns who suddenly began to bark, scream, blaspheme, and contort their bodies. These were respectable women, members of well known families. Their erotic behaviour gave rise to a host of difficult questions. Most people at the time believed the nuns were possessed, not by one, but by an army of devils.

At this point, it is reported that Father Mignon, an enemy of Grandier, and his assistant took the alleged possessions as an opportunity to turn against Grandier. They began exorcising the nuns. Two of the demons namely responsible for these possessions were Asmodeus and Zabulon although there were others.

Grandier ordered the nuns isolated and wrote to the Archbishop of Bordeaux, who in turn, immediately sent a doctor to examine the nuns. The doctor found the women physically sound and free from possession. Regardless, Grandier let stay his order that the nuns be confined to their cells. This quieted the hysteria for a few months, but then it started again.

This time, Grandier's enemies were working to have him arrested and convicted of witchcraft. Former lovers of Grandier came forth with stories of sacrilege, adultry, and incest. Meanwhile, Jeanne continued feeding the hysteria, adding names to the roster of demons possessing the nuns. She even went as far as to go through a psychosomatic pregnancy. The demons on the Loudun possession roster were:

Asmodeus, Zabulon, Isacaaron, Astaroth, Gresil, Amand, Leviatom, Behemot, Beherie, Easas, Celsus, Acaos, Cedon, Alex, Naphthalim, Cham, Ureil, and Achas.

Finally, Grandier was charged, tortured, convicted, and sentenced to be burned alive. During his trial seventy two witnesses swore evidence against him. The possessions at the Loudun convent continued even after Grandier's death, the nuns were supposedly exorcised by Father Surin, a famous exorcist who later became insane. One by one, Surin managed to expell the demons and obtained a written denial of the pact from them. Not fewer than 8 demons signed the registry, among them Leviathan, Balam, Isacaron and Behemoth.

The story became to degenerate into a circus with public exhibitions of exorcism attended by many people, fraud was evoqued. The possessions finally stopped in 1638 when Jeanne des Anges had a vision that she would be freed from the Devil if she made a pilgrimage to the tomb of St François of Assise. She went to Annecy, then visited Richelieu and Louis XIII. The demons were gone.

As Charcot analysed in 1866, the nuns were victims of hystero-demonopathy. Sexually frustrated, they turned their erotic desires into dreams of possession by Grandier, a man whose only fault was seduction.

Grandier was an opponent to Cardinal Richelieu and refused at the time to let him destroy the castel of Loudun which used to be an orthodox place. He was also suspected to have written a pamphlet against the Cardinal. Richelieu seized the opportunity, manipulated Jeanne and had quickly Grandier condemned for witchcraft.

The purpose of the fraud was a mix of political ambitions, need for recognition and disposal of opponents. The execution of Urban Grandier is very similar to that of Gilles de Rais (burned in 1440) whose enemy was another member of the Clerge, Jean de Malestroit, eveque from Nantes.

Blogger dans_inferno said...

IGN FILMFORCE: This story was initially inspired by a 1949 case, a Washington Post article, or series of articles about an exorcism in St. Louis. What was it about that story that really tells you that it's graphic?

BLATTY: Well, I not only read it, but I heard some details of the exorcism in my New Testament class at Georgetown. 1949. The teacher was Eugene Gallagher.

Like so many Catholics, I've had so many little battles of wavering faith over the course of my life. And I was going through one at that time. And when I heard about this case and read the details, that seemed so compelling. I thought, my God, if someone were to investigate this and authenticate it, what a tremendous boost to faith it would be. I thought, someday I would like to see that happen. You know, I would like to do it.

AC: Tell me a little about working on A Shot in the Dark with Blake Edwards. How was that?

WPB: While I was writing another film for Blake, What Did You Do in the War, Daddy?, he got a call from the producers who were gearing up to do this film based on a French play called A Shot in the Dark. It wasn't a straight comedy at that point, more of a thriller, really, and apparently Peter Sellers had just had a huge fight with the original director and Blake was tapped to fill in. So Blake told me, I'll do it if you'll write it. I thought it over that night and came up with a story in which there were five murders all involving the same household so that it appears that one murder is to cover up the last one. The gimmick is there's no connection between any of them, though. The only way I could see to make it all work was if Peter Sellers would agree to play Inspector Clouseau, because up to that point he had been cast in a relatively minor part in the film. This time, with the new script, we could make him the lead. Long story short, Peter accepted, I wrote most of the finished script on the ship to France, and we did it.

AC: Let's talk a little about the writing of The Exorcist. How did you move from these jaunty screen comedies to this punishing horror novel?

WPB: Comedy had dried up. Nobody would hire me to write anything straight or serious because I was only known as a writer of comedies. I not only was known for farce but off-the-wall stuff to boot. I had nothing better to do than go down to the unemployment office and pick up a few dollars at that point, so I thought maybe I'd better write that book I'd been thinking about, if for no other reason than to prove that I can write something other than comedies and go on with my life in Hollywood. I didn't know if I could even get it published -- even my agent thought it was a rotten idea. So one night I went to a cocktail party and met the editor-in-chief of Bantam Books who asked me what I was doing. I told him my idea for The Exorcist, and right away he said he'd publish it. He gave me a $10,000 advance which was just enough to rent a cabin and try to write.

Blogger jollybeggar said...

"Most people at the time believed the nuns were possessed, not by one, but by an army of devils."

all i can think of is 'the penguin' from blues brothers... now THERE was a scary nun!

"Old man’s outward journey parallels his inward journey."

isn't this the way life and faith connect?

"once you leave the birth canal you get further and further from 'Reality' or 'Truth' as you become more engrained in the sensory world.

Parallel that to the Big Bang theory where light is thrown to the four corners of the expanding universe and the further you get from the 'Truth' of the origin of the universe that began with the Big Bang (if the Big Bang theory is your personal belief in the beginning of the universe)."

yeah, i personally love the idea that the 'big bang' was the voice of God. that moment when an eternal voice shatters the once eternal but now temporal silence.

the spaceship 'heart of gold' was stolen by none other than zaphod beeblebrox, once described by eccentrica golumbitz (?)the triple-breasted whore of eroticon 6 as being 'the best bang since the big one'

(sloppily paraphrased laugh from the hitch-hikers guide to the galaxy... forgive the inconsistencies- the book is at home and i'm at my office)

i find it interesting that whenever anyone in hollywood is feeling a bit financially stressed or creatively dried up, they turn to the bible for a story. i'm still waiting for the story of jehu to come out starring vin diesel:
(warning: bluegrass moment from the late 80's... G Em Am D over and over in a pattern that sounds suspiciously like the muppet show theme from the 70's- totally different melody though, so paul williams can't sue me. we only have thirteen different tones in our western musical scale- how much chance is there of coming up with something new and accessible at the same time?)

listen to a story that i swear is true
found it in the good book and you can too
it's a tale that would make a very entertaining vin diesel movie
the people of the Lord were way outta line
so he sent for his prophet saying it's about time
that we cleaned a little house for their ways are an abomination

he said
woo-hoo look at my people
woo-hoo just look at my people
woo-hoo look at my people sin

so the prophet sent a runner with a flask of oil
searching for a man who would stain the soil
with the blood of the owner of many a wicked soul
he said find captain jehu and take him aside
give him a hot-oil treatment then run and hide
cuz under his leadership the heads are really gonna roll
(that ain't no metaphor- no)

he said
woo-hoo look at that runner
woo-hoo just look at that runner
woo-hoo look at him head for the door

with trumpet blast the newly annointed king
jumped into his chariot and drove the thing
at breakneck speed in the direction
of the palace at jezreel
the kings of corruption saw the dust in the sky
and knew that it wasn't just the pizza guy
but a madman of God who had come to crash their party

and they said
woo-hoo look at that jehu
woo-hoo just look at that jehu
woo-hoo look at that jehu drive

he invited all the people to take up their arms
and overthrow jezebel in spite of her charm
and bring an end to the hypnotizing counsel of the prophets of baal
first he killed the old bag and threw her out to the dogs
then he invited all the priests to create a little smog
at a great big festival held in the temple of you-know-who

and they said
woo-hoo look at that jehu
woo-hoo just look at that jehu
woo-hoo light that great big fire

well the prophets were excited so all of them came
see, they didn't know that jehu worked in heaven's name
so he killed 'em all efficiently and then brought the temple to the ground
cuz from the line of nimshi jehu rose
to bring revival to a people who had thumbed their nose
at the one true God who had chose-
n them as a nation

and they said
woo-hoo jehu made old israel turn
woo-hoo we see the prophets all burn
woo-hoo but look at that jehu drive

Blogger jollybeggar said...

yeah, it used to say 'schwartzenegger (sp?) movie'


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