Sunday, July 09, 2006

silence explained

jollybeggar is off in the mountains listening for the voice of God.

here's a challenge: this summer, instead of taking a holiday from God
(dropping all of your disciplines and slipping backwards in your faith journey)
take a holiday with God... in short, unwind without unraveling.

read more
pray more
give more
live more
love more... all of it... find refuge in him rather than from him.

bless you


Blogger Cinder said...

this is so true of what happens so often in the summer and a very exciting challenge.

for me the looming question right now is do i take that holiday with God, how do i listen for the voice of God and more importantly, hear it, when things are so chaotic and loud. no peace and quiet to read and pray...wherever you go to find it, the noise follows you.

how do you find within you the strength and the resources to give, love and live more when you feel so empty and battled?

i guess it's the questions and reflections which lead you to the holiday with God at some point and make you stronger as you do truly find refuge in Him.

blessings to you and yours

Blogger SocietyVs said...

Simple and sweet. Does God take holidays, I always wondered that since he rested on the 7th day?
Anywho, it's always beneficial to examine your faith in God whenever you get a chance; and to live that faith out amongst people in your midst. Good to hear from you.

Blogger bjk said...

Loved this......enjoy your time with HIM

Blogger Pastor Josh said...

The more you do those things the more your life will become a vacation from the devil. HAve fun with God.

Blogger jollybeggar said...

this blogpost is an abbreviated version of my last talk before we lifted off.

had an amazing break. although the whole 'naturalist' pathway is not really my thing, there ARE two things in nature that make my heart sing: the rocky mountains and the indian ocean. and although i drove away from the mountains today, i am comforted in the knowledge that i will be greeting the ocean in approximately three weeks when our team heads back to sri lanka.

but now it's off to camp to be the resident missionary and music mentor for the teens. any prayer cover i receive from anyone (except satanists...) is appreciated.


Blogger Christopher said...

dig it.


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