Saturday, July 16, 2005

tell someone who cares

i'm speaking to teenagers at a camp for the next week or so, so i won't be blogging anything. here are the topics... you can imagine the messages- yours will probably be better! hey, here's an idea: although i won't be able to check back until it's all said and done, it would be fun to see what kind of topical/scriptural messages anyone reading might come up with, relating reality t.v. to God?

REALITY CHECK can reality t.v. direct us towards God?
1) big brother: sharing a house = family? (luke 15.11-31)
2) beauty and the geek: dating- what's love got to do with it? (genesis 29.4-30)
3) survivor: integrity even when it's messy (genesis 37-47- highlights)
4) american idol: potential-created this way on purpose (ephesians 4.1-7, 11-12; 1corinthians 12.12-26)
5) fear factor: 'surely not that, Lord!' (acts 10; ezekiel 4.14)
6) pimp my ride: God of the second chance (acts 16.25-34; 2corinthians 5.17)
7) amazing race: go out... (matthew 28.19; acts 1.8)


Blogger Internet Street Philosopher said...

Long time no see. I'm also right now working at a camp until July 31st. Interesting allusion towards reality tv and the Bible. Well, see ya later!

Blogger jollybeggar said...

hey s.p.
i went back to your blog but it wouldn't allow my comments because it says i'm not a team player! anyway, here's what i had to say about your 'actual hong kong subtitles' post...

dude, this is sheer bloody poetry!

i have two favourite film lines (although neither are out of hong kong)

"listen, strange women lying in ponds is no basis for a system of government!"
(constitutional peasants from 'monty python and the holy grail')

"confound it, the batteries are dead!"
(batman to robin upon discovering the awful truth about a device in his utility belt, from the 60's film 'batman- the movie')

Blogger Pensive said...

Happy Guy! Saw your pics on the web and want to say congrats on the commissioning. Annette and I were talking of driving down for your commissioning but decided it was too much for the boys given Sunday's plans.
I am happy for you; you are a dude who should be a 'Rev.' Not because of the title but because of your heart and head.
May you continue to be a blessing to Christ's Bride so she is radiant and beautiful.


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